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  • Tips for Better Video Calls

    At HomeWAV we want you to make the most of every minute in your video visitations. Here are some helpful tips for better video calls.


    1.     Use a decent web cam

    Video quality is only as good as the camera you use. Use a decent camera and play with its settings to maximize performance.


    2.     Pay attention to lighting

    Just like on a movie or photo set, lighting is everything in video chats. Too much light behind you will darken your image and make your face hard to see. Light from the wrong angle can create shadows or obscure parts of your face. Use a soft, bright light placed in front of you for best results.


    3.     Spruce up the background

    Turn around and take a look behind you. Is there a cluttered mess? Distracting motion? Tidy up and quiet down to make the most of your visit.


    4.     Make sure you have a good connection

    Technology can be the biggest culprit of a bad video call. HomeWAV is specialty designed to minimize technical problems. We also recommend some simple steps like closing extra tabs/programs or using a hard-wired internet connection vs wireless for the very best results.


    5.     Look at the camera for eye contact

    Eye contact is essential for good communication and feeling connected to each other. During a video call it feels natural to look directly into the eyes of the person on your screen, but for the proper effect you should actually look into the camera lens. It takes some getting used to, but the person on the other end will appreciate it.


    6.     Don’t overlook audio

    Just because it’s a video call doesn’t mean that sound is any less important. Sound quality is a notorious issue in the video communication world. Using headphones and/or a microphone can make a big difference, as will making sure you’re visiting from a quiet place, non-echoey space.


    7.     Look your best

    We all like to look our best, especially for someone we care about. Here are a few tips for getting camera-ready.


    •  Fix your hair. (Did you read that in your mother’s voice?)

    •  Wear a plain shirt in a skin-flattering color that contrasts with the background.

    •  Use foundation, concealer, blush, and bronzer to even out your skin tone and highlight your facial features.

    •  Don’t overdo your eye makeup so they can really your eyes.

    •  Find your best angles & lighting. Practice beforehand. You’ll feel silly, but it pays off.

    •  Don’t fuss with your look during the call. Keep your hands off your face and out of your hair. Remember that you’re having a conversation, not looking in the mirror. This seems simple, but the impulse will strike. Fight it!


    Follow these tips and you’ll be on course for a great video visit!


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  • Quick Start Guide for New HomeWAV Users

    Using a new website or app can be tricky the first time around. Here’s some helpful info to help you get started using HomeWAV. Follow the steps and you’ll be connected in no time!


    1. Log in to HomeWAV at OR mobile app

    HomeWAV works on desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. We even have free mobile apps on Android & iPhone.


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    How-To Video – Sign Up as a Visitor


    2.  Select Detention Facility & Add Inmate

    After you’re signed up, you need to select the detention facility and inmate you want to visit with. Use the drop-down selectors and follow the instructions on the screen. Some facilities may require additional information such as an inmate ID number, a picture of your driver’s license, etc. Think of this step as an online version of filling out a paper visitor authorization form.


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    3.  Add Talk to Me Funds

    Once you’ve added one or more inmates to your account, the next step is to add funds to your account. Start by setting up your Payment Details (add a credit card). Then select an inmate associated with your account and click “Add Talk to Me Funds”. Type in the amount of dollars you wish to add. Most facilities charge 50 cents per minute for live video visitation and $1 per minute for recorded video messages.


    User Tips:

    A $1 transaction fee is charged whenever you add funds, so consider adding more funds at one time instead of little by little to save a few bucks.

    Funds can only be added by logging in at – payment option is not available in the app.


    4.  Wait for Inmate to Call

    Once you’re logged in, the Inmates’ HomeWAV station will show the Inmate’s name in green as having a Visitor online and ready for a visit. The Inmate simply enters their ID information and the visit can begin. No complicated scheduling, no invasive pat-downs, just connection to your incarcerated friend or family member.


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    How-To Video – Receiving a Video Call from an Inmate


    5.  Enjoy Your Visit!

    A friendly face can really make an Inmate’s day, so be sure to make the most of every minute of your HomeWAV visit.


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  • Best of Both Worlds Visitation

    Few things have a way of shaking up an organization quite like technology. New tech changes both what we do and how we do it. In many cases, new technology means abandoning what you know in favor of something entirely new, but not always 100% better. When the wrong technology decision is made, the impact is sharply felt.

    This has been the experience of many early adopters of video visitation technology. Facilities have been attracted to the obvious benefits of video visits, only to get caught in a web of expensive equipment, inferior quality, and repressive vendor contracts.

    Just like video shook up traditional visitations, now HomeWAV is disrupting the video visitation scene with a unique solution that eliminates common frustrations and lets facilities truly benefit from video technology. Our patented system delivers the best of both worlds: Inmate initiated, pay-by-the-minute remote visits AND scheduled onsite visits.


    Best of Both Worlds


    With HomeWAV, off-site visits are simple and convenient for both inmates and their loved ones. Outgoing calls can be initiated by the inmate without the need for advanced scheduling. This allows visitors to bypass strict scheduling in favor of an affordable, fee-based service.


    In Person

    Not interested in moving to remote-only visitation? Thanks to HomeWAV’s ByPAS™ Scheduling Software, inmates and visitors are also able to schedule on-site visits quickly and easily, without the assistance of facility staff. Other systems make you choose, but HomeWAV brings you the best of both worlds.


    No Minimum

    Conversations via HomeWAV don’t have a minimum talk time. They can be as short as one minute and visitors are only charged for the minutes they use.


    Only from HomeWAV

    This best-of-both-worlds visitation technology is only available from HomeWAV. We designed our system specifically for corrections facilities, so it’s truly built to meet your needs inside and out. Contact us if you’re ready to talk about the future of visitations at your facility. We’ll be glad to give you a personal demo of HomeWAV.

    Still gathering info? Read on to see how HomeWAV compares to other video visitation systems.


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  • How Video Visitation Helps Detention Facilities


    What Are the Risks of In-Person Visitation?

    Corrections is a risky business and one that is often overlooked in discussions about the criminal justice system. Every day is a push-pull struggle to strike a balance between inmate welfare and keeping your officers safe.

    Visitation in particular – a practice known to reduce recidivism and improve inmate behavior – comes at a cost. Visitors can introduce drugs, weapons, and other contraband into the facility. Transferring inmates to and from visitation areas creates opportunity for conflict. Visitation pulls valuable resources from teams that are already stretched too thin.

    So, what can a facility do to lower these costs and risks? One solution that is gaining popularity is Video Visitation.


    What Are the Benefits of Video Visitation?

    More Secure
    Less foot traffic in and out of the facility, less risk of contraband getting in (drugs, weapons, cell phones, luxuries, etc.)

    Uses Less Staff Resources
    Staff shortage is a real problem in corrections, officers previously dedicated to visitation can be reassigned to other areas

    Non-Taxpayer Revenue Source
    A percentage of fees goes to the institution

    Keeps Officers Safer
    Less movement and physical interaction with inmates means less opportunity for something to go wrong


    HomeWAV: A Unique Visitation Solution

    Of course, video visitation isn’t quite a silver bullet. Some systems have been criticized for their cost, quality, and contract terms. But while the debate between those providers, visitors, and facilities drags on, HomeWAV is rising above and offering a better solution. Through patented technology and a commitment to convenience and usability, HomeWAV maintains a singular position in the remote visitation industry.


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  • How Visitation Helps Inmates

    When a person goes to jail, there’s one question that crosses the mind of nearly every friend or family member – how can I help them? One of the best things you can do for an incarcerated friend or family member is visit them.


    •  Visiting keeps inmates connected with positive influences and motivations.

    •  Visiting improves morale and reminds the inmate that someone cares about them.

    •  Visiting provides time to start planning for what they will do after their sentence is up.


    Most importantly though, visitation has been shown to reduce the likelihood that an inmate will return to jail once they are released. A four-year study completed by the Minnesota Department of Corrections in 2011 concluded that inmate visitation resulted in reductions in recidivism; a 13% reduction for a felony re-conviction and a 25% reduction for re-incarceration for a technical violation revocation.


    Sometimes, though, visiting is hard to do. Maybe it’s distance. Maybe it’s time. Maybe it’s worry about bringing children into the environment or feeling unsafe yourself. These reasons are all perfectly valid, but that doesn’t help much, does it? In the end you’re still stuck at home, feeling bad for not visiting.


    Not you, though. You are one of the lucky ones. You have HomeWAV video visitations. You can connect with your incarcerated friend or family member from the comfort of your home (or anywhere with our on-the-go mobile apps).


    What are you waiting for? Add some Talk to Me time to your account and make a connection that makes a difference today!


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