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    Few things have a way of shaking up an organization quite like technology. New tech changes both what we do and how we do it. In many cases, new technology means abandoning what you know in favor of something entirely new, but not always 100% better. When the wrong technology decision is made, the impact is sharply felt.

    This has been the experience of many early adopters of video visitation technology. Facilities have been attracted to the obvious benefits of video visits, only to get caught in a web of expensive equipment, inferior quality, and repressive vendor contracts.

    Just like video shook up traditional visitations, now HomeWAV is disrupting the video visitation scene with a unique solution that eliminates common frustrations and lets facilities truly benefit from video technology. Our patented system delivers the best of both worlds: Inmate initiated, pay-by-the-minute remote visits AND scheduled onsite visits.


    Best of Both Worlds


    With HomeWAV, off-site visits are simple and convenient for both inmates and their loved ones. Outgoing calls can be initiated by the inmate without the need for advanced scheduling. This allows visitors to bypass strict scheduling in favor of an affordable, fee-based service.


    In Person

    Not interested in moving to remote-only visitation? Thanks to HomeWAV’s ByPAS™ Scheduling Software, inmates and visitors are also able to schedule on-site visits quickly and easily, without the assistance of facility staff. Other systems make you choose, but HomeWAV brings you the best of both worlds.


    No Minimum

    Conversations via HomeWAV don’t have a minimum talk time. They can be as short as one minute and visitors are only charged for the minutes they use.


    Only from HomeWAV

    This best-of-both-worlds visitation technology is only available from HomeWAV. We designed our system specifically for corrections facilities, so it’s truly built to meet your needs inside and out. Contact us if you’re ready to talk about the future of visitations at your facility. We’ll be glad to give you a personal demo of HomeWAV.

    Still gathering info? Read on to see how HomeWAV compares to other video visitation systems.


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