Detention Facilities

  • Video Visitation Attorney Visits for Inmates

    An attorney’s time is precious, so if they’re able to speak to their client from the convenience of their office and not have to physically go to the jail, it would be a great thing. With video visitation, attorneys can do just that. At HomeWAV, we made it simple for attorneys and inmates to schedule their meeting online and all sessions are recorded and came be used in the court room.

    With video visitation, it cuts down the need for correctional officers and administrative staff to assist which frees them up for other responsibilities. No jail staff is needed to transfer the inmate to a visitation room and no jail staff is needed to search the attorney when entering the facility since this is a video visitation.

    Many times, an inmate may be moved to another facility making it a long drive for the attorney to meet up and discuss their case together. Video visitation makes this much easier for both parties.

    If your correctional facility is interested in a cost effective solution for visitation that produces revenue on day one, contact us at HomeWav today.

  • Increasing Numbers of Incarcerated

    Sometimes being the leader in something is not always a good thing. As is the case with the United States being the world’s leader in incarceration. There are over 2.2 million people in our nation’s prisons and jails. Over the last 40 years, this is a staggering increase of 500%.


  • How to expand your visitation hours

    The chaos of visitation time is a security risk for staff and visiting family and friends. In some more populated facilities, long lines make for an unpleasant experience for visitors. For many correctional facilities expanding visitation times are just not an option as those need to be closely controlled by staff and it’s best to limit those as much as possible. (more…)

  • Contraband Solution in Jails

    As a correctional facility, what steps do you take in order to make sure contraband doesn’t enter the facility?  Do you do a thorough pat down of visitors? Have x-ray scanners or metal detectors? Those are good first steps but what if you could eliminate contraband from getting in the hands of inmates completely? (more…)

  • Correctional Facility Inmate Transportation

    For many correctional facilities, transporting inmates out of their cell to visitation areas can be a non-stop task. It can also be a great labor expense in terms of hours and cost. While it’s great that families and friends visit the inmate from time to time, the risk and cost of moving the inmate from their cell to the visitation area can add up quickly. (more…)




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