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  • The Missouri Sheriff Magazine: HomeWAV Vendor Spotlight

    HomeWAV Vendor Spotlight.

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  • Video Visitation- Good for inmates, communities, counties

    The Missouri Sheriff Magazine, Written by Nancy Zoellner-Hogland

  • What Most Video Visitation Companies Don’t Want You to Know

    What Most Video Visitation Companies Don't Want You to Know

    Inmate visitation is a notoriously difficult burden on detention facility staff resources. There’s scheduling and security screenings, visit monitoring, inmate transport, and more — with costs and risks at every turn. Video visitation technology has emerged to help reduce the labor costs associated with visitation, but some early adopters haven’t seen the savings they expected.


    The reason? There’s something most video visitation companies don’t want you to know.



  • How Does Video Visitation Technology Make Your Facility More Secure?

    Security and safety are among the top concerns for the detention and corrections industry. Many facilities are turning to technology to help protect inmates, staff, and outsiders from accident, injury, violence, and other dangers. One of the most talked-about technologies in recent years is remote video visitation such as the HomeWAV system.
    Here are the three main ways Remote Video Visitation technology keeps your facility safer.

    Less Foot Traffic In and Out of the Facility

    With video visitation in place, there is no need for friends, family, lawyers, therapists, and other visitors to go to the facility to conduct their visits. Fewer outsiders entering and exiting the facility means fewer disruptions of the controlled, regimented routines that are essential to security and rehabilitation. It also reduces the burden of staffing and resources needed to screen, escort, and monitor visitors while they’re there.

    Less Movement & Physical Interaction

    Traditional visitation procedures typically require moving inmates from their areas to, from, and around a designated visitation area. In many cases this includes transporting offenders between buildings and facility locations. All this movement and physical interaction creates increased risk of accidents and injuries as well as violence and other behavioral incidents. With video visitation, the visiting station can be installed in or near the secure pod, effectively eliminating these risks.

    Lower Risk of Contraband

    From drugs and weapons to cell phones and other luxuries, contraband is a big problem in many facilities. While visitation is just one of many possible entry points for banned items, it is a significant one. Processes and technology for screening and monitoring visitors has come a long way in preventing contraband smuggling, but the high price tag and staffing requirements put more strain on already-limited resources. Remote video visitation can eliminate those needs entirely at no cost to the facility.

    How Safe & Secure Is HomeWAV?

    With protection being a top concern, it is important to evaluate the features and capabilities of any technologies being used to improve security and safety in the facility. Video visitation doesn’t just reduce risk – it provides new controls and security features of its own. The HomeWAV system specifically includes powerful administrative features that help facilities keep tight control over who uses the system and how:

    Inmate Access Control

    Just like with traditional visitation, HomeWAV video visitation privileges can be granted, restricted, suspended, and revoked on an inmate-by-inmate basis.

    User Registration & Approvals

    Before visitors can use HomeWAV, they must register an account and submit information such as legal name and address, SSN, and photo ID. This allows facilities to conduct approval checks, screen visitors, and control who is using the system and interacting with inmates. The approval process and information collected from visitors can be defined by the facility, allowing HomeWAV to accommodate multiple facility types and security levels.

    Monitoring & Recording

    All HomeWAV visits can be monitored live, recorded, and retained for review at a later date. This includes both audio and video. Recordings can be easily retrieved and downloaded for administrative and investigative needs. The HomeWAV system operates on a 100% hosted “cloud” based system with dual secure servers and off-site storage, so the opportunity for failure of the system in a facility is greatly reduced.

    Take Control of Facility Security

    The best way to find out if video visitation and HomeWAV are a good fit for your facility is to schedule a demonstration. We’ll show you how everything works, answer your questions, and discuss the best ways to implement video visitation technology in your specific facility.

  • HomeWAV Now Offers a No-Cost Video Visitation Solution for Detention Facilities

    HomeWAV has launched a new no-cost solution for detention and corrections facilities that want to experience all the benefits of remote video visitation without the up-front equipment investment. Pending a HomeWAV site survey, facilities can now get all the necessary equipment, plus installation, maintenance, and support, at zero cost.

    The patented HomeWAV system allows facilities to enhance or replace their traditional telephone and in-person visitation programs with video calling technology. Visits as brief as one minute may be initiated by the inmate with no need for advance scheduling or operator assistance. This leads to marked savings in time, labor, and overhead costs, as well as a significant drop in security and safety risks. It also creates a reliable revenue stream for facilities, which receive a share of the profits from HomeWAV’s per-minute usage fees. Despite these significant benefits, the up-front equipment investment for the system’s wall-mounted kiosks and tablet computers has been an entry barrier for some cost-conscious or budget-strapped facilities. HomeWAV’s new soution is designed to offer a no-cost option so that more facilities may benefit from video visitation. Under the new program, facilities can now get their video visitation equipment at no cost, with no monthly fees or revenue deductions. As with all HomeWAV solutions, full installation, training, maintenance, upgrades, and support are included at no charge for the life of the agreement.

    Could a no-cost equipment leasing option help your facility finally make the move to remote video visitation? Request more info from HomeWAV.



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