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  • Correctional Facility Inmate Transportation

    For many correctional facilities, transporting inmates out of their cell to visitation areas can be a non-stop task. It can also be a great labor expense in terms of hours and cost. While it’s great that families and friends visit the inmate from time to time, the risk and cost of moving the inmate from their cell to the visitation area can add up quickly.

    Not only is it a security risk each time the cell is unlocked, it can also be a quite a burden on the jail staff who moves the inmates all day long. Most correctional facilities have a limited window for visitation so lines can be pretty long with family and friends waiting to see their incarcerated loved ones. These long lines can also create scheduling conflicts if the facility is trying to keep up with each visit on their own.

    At HomeWAV, we’ve created a video visitation solution along with our own scheduling software to eliminate the need for any staff intervention. Each facility can customize their onsite schedule settings based on day, visit length, and visit frequency.  HomeWAV manages all aspects of your onsite visitation, including visitor requests & inquiries.

    Video visitation reduces security risks by 100% and makes it easier for family and friends to stay connected. Not to mention some facilities do not allow children inside, video conferencing allows them to see each other as often as they want.

    If your correctional facility would like more information regarding our video visitation services, feel free  contact us today.


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