Learn about the comprehensive impact of becoming a HomeWAV partner, from ensuring industry-leading efficiency to keeping communities connected in meaningful ways.


Experience the HomeWAV Difference

All-in-One Technology

Our patented technology can integrate all your essential video and communication services into one comprehensive platform, customized to surpass your facility’s needs.

Customizable Solutions

Our solution is purpose-built for correctional-use with technology at its core - our software, our development, and our support- making it easy to customize our platform to exceed your facilities’ goals.

Seamless Scheduling

Unlike other internet-based systems that require the involvement of facility personnel to coordinate scheduling, inmates and visitors can schedule on-site lobby visits quickly and easily without assistance from facility staff.

365 Support

Our Field Service Team offers one-on-one support 24/7, 365 days a year. Our remote capabilities allow us to satisfy 99% of your system needs immediately. We utilize local technicians for installation and any on-site maintenance to ensure the quickest response time. We’re here to help.


HomeWAV provides free equipment, installation, service, and support as well as complete transparency from the very beginning of our partnerships. We are here to help at ZERO cost to you.

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HomeWAV Communication


Video Calls

The HomePAS™ kiosk allows inmates to conduct remote video calls through our patented inmate-initiated video call technology. They can initiate a remote video call any time they have an approved visitor online – all without the need for advanced scheduling or staff intervention. Remote calling keeps facilities safe while connecting inmates with family and friends.


Voice Calls

The all-in-one HomePAS™ also allows for traditional voice calls. As a non-interconnected VoIP provider, HomeWAV provides an agile VoIP phone, which can run through the internet rather than through a traditional, more restrictive landline.



Besides voice and video calling, our kiosk and tablet software also allow for secure, monitored text-style messaging.



The ComPAS™ tablet was built and developed specifically for correctional use. Each tablet is guarded by SupermaX™, our investigative, multi-layered mobile device management system that provides next level security. HomeWAV's customizable tablets offer applications for education, entertainment, communication, and more.


Active Communities Served


Active Families Connected


Associations Supported


Ensuring Safety Beyond COVID-19 While Boosting Inmates’ Mental Health

Inmate visitation took a dive with the rise of COVID-19, which is where remote visitations truly proved their worth. However, facilities can utilize remote visitation solutions to handle countless challenges thrown their way.


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