Detention Facilities

  • How to expand your visitation hours

    The chaos of visitation time is a security risk for staff and visiting family and friends. In some more populated facilities, long lines make for an unpleasant experience for visitors. For many correctional facilities expanding visitation times are just not an option as those need to be closely controlled by staff and it’s best to limit those as much as possible.

    Knowing that for inmates to stay connected to loved ones reduces recidivism and helps their overall mental health, some sheriff’s departments have expanded visitation hours. While this may work in some cases, it’s not the safest or most effective way.

    The best way to expand visitation hours is by providing video visitation so that inmates and their family and friends can chat whenever it’s convenient for them.  This greatly reduces risks of transporting inmates to visitation areas, eliminates the possibility of contraband being brought in, and provides a more convenient way to stay connected to those incarcerated making it more likely to stay connected.

    If you’re interested in expanding your visitation hours in a safe and controlled way, contact us today to see how our inmate communication solution can help.


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