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  • How Visitation Helps Inmates

    When a person goes to jail, there’s one question that crosses the mind of nearly every friend or family member – how can I help them? One of the best things you can do for an incarcerated friend or family member is visit them.


    •  Visiting keeps inmates connected with positive influences and motivations.

    •  Visiting improves morale and reminds the inmate that someone cares about them.

    •  Visiting provides time to start planning for what they will do after their sentence is up.


    Most importantly though, visitation has been shown to reduce the likelihood that an inmate will return to jail once they are released. A four-year study completed by the Minnesota Department of Corrections in 2011 concluded that inmate visitation resulted in reductions in recidivism; a 13% reduction for a felony re-conviction and a 25% reduction for re-incarceration for a technical violation revocation.


    Sometimes, though, visiting is hard to do. Maybe it’s distance. Maybe it’s time. Maybe it’s worry about bringing children into the environment or feeling unsafe yourself. These reasons are all perfectly valid, but that doesn’t help much, does it? In the end you’re still stuck at home, feeling bad for not visiting.


    Not you, though. You are one of the lucky ones. You have HomeWAV video visitations. You can connect with your incarcerated friend or family member from the comfort of your home (or anywhere with our on-the-go mobile apps).


    What are you waiting for? Add some Talk to Me time to your account and make a connection that makes a difference today!


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