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  • John Walsh To Help HomeWAV Become "Most Wanted" Video Vistitation System In America


    VIRGINIA BEACH, VA (Jan. 2013) — John Walsh, internationally known from the long-running America’s Most Wanted television show, has officially endorsed HomeWAV, an Internet-based video visitation system adapted for use in correctional facilities. Company officials announced the relationship on Thursday, December 6, 2012.

    Virginia-based HomeWAV is a unique, patent pending system that has been implemented by state and local detention authorities since 2012 and currently has 13 contracted facilities in 10 states.

    “I’m extremely happy to officially announce John Walsh’s association with our service,” said Gary Humphries, president of HomeWAV. “We feel Mr. Walsh is a great fit for our company because he shares the same vision we do in helping families stay connected, as well as keeping jails more secure while lowering their costs. This partnership has us excited about the future of HomeWAV and the services we provide.”

    “John’s reputation as a no-nonsense defender of the innocent and vulnerable over the past 30 years speaks for itself, and yet he recognizes that most of those incarcerated are eventually released,” Humphries stated. “Walsh knows from experience that newly released offenders are often unprepared for life outside and face a number of obstacles to successfully make it back into society,” he said.

    “Studies confirm that frequent contact with friends and family help break the chain of recidivism,” said John Walsh, “That’s why I’m involved with HomeWAV.”

    Walsh noted that it is important to maintain a strong connection to families and friends back home—to give inmates the social support they need to return to society crime-free. “I believe the HomeWAV system can benefit both the community and the correctional facility in achieving their goals of rehabilitating criminals and helping families, while keeping the public safe,” Walsh said.

    “Our solution benefits the inmates, their families, and society,” according to Humphries. “Families can save time and travel costs and can stay connected every day for a minimal fee.”

    According to a 2011 study by the Minnesota Department of Corrections, the factor that helps inmates the most and reduces the rate of recidivism is a simple visit from a family member. The data shows that the more visits prisoners receive, the lower their chance of re-offending after release.

    Humphries said that correctional institutions also benefit by using the HomeWAV system. “Our product allows inmates and visitors to set up appointments without the need for jail personnel to do scheduling, coordinating, and transporting of inmates for visitation. This is a crucial factor for jail security and safety, as well as a significant reduction in jail personnel costs. Because visitation privileges are an incentive for good behavior, security overall is increased and inmate morale is improved.”

    Reference: THE EFFECTS OF PRISON VISITATION ON OFFENDER RECIDIVISM, Minnesota Department of Corrections, November 2011


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