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  • Sheriff’s Office debuts new inmate video visitation program

    Guthrie News Page
    by Chris Evans

    The Logan County’s Sheriff’s Office launched a new inmate video visitation program on Wednesday. Authorities believe the system will improve prisoner morale and will be an incentive for good behavior.

    Inmate VideoThe new HomeWAV system will allow family members and friends to schedule and conduct video visits with jail inmates using any suitable computer connected to the internet. The setup is similar to Skype and Face Time.

    The new visitation system will be available 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. seven days a week.

    The Sheriff’s Office installed eight visitation stations – consisting of a telephone handset, keypad, webcam, PC and video monitor – in day rooms for the inmates. The new visitation system gives the jail complete control of visits at all times with live monitoring, recording of all calls and database access to visitation records.

    For visitors the process works just like a phone call except that a computer or Smart Phone with a webcam and internet access is required. The cost to the visitor is only $0.50 per minute – typically less than a collect phone call. And unlike other visitation systems, since no jail personnel are involved in connecting the visit there is no need to schedule visits in advance.

    There was no cost to the jail or to taxpayers for the equipment, or installation and maintenance is covered at no charge for the life of the contract. In fact, the system is expected to increase efficiency by making the visitation process simpler and safer for all involved. The new system presents tremendous advantages in time and cost savings, as well as contributing to increased safety and security for our facility.

    Visiting a loved one in an institutional environment, with the inherent security requirements, can be an unpleasant experience for anyone, especially children. With this new system, family members are spared the expense, inconvenience and emotional distress of coming into the Detention Center to visit.


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