• Homewav personnel have been proficient with advertising, technical support, and communicating with our agency. Video Visitation has allowed the inmate population to conduct more visits and reduced the amount of inmate movement within the facility. I highly recommend Homewav to any agency that is considering video visitation in the future. Phone: 850-981-2313 Average Inmate Population: […]

  • The Homewav system has greatly reduced stress on our staff as well as detainees and their families when it comes to visitation. Phone: 870-541-5351 Average Inmate Population: 230 E-mail: grobinson100@gmail.com # of HomeWAV units: 21 Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office | 101 East Barraque Street Pine Bluff, AR 71611

  • The Wyandotte County Sheriff’s Office has had Homewav Video Visitation since March, 2014 and in that time we have seen a steady increase in the quality of life for our inmates and families affect by incarceration in our facility. Phone: 913-573-8940 Average Inmate Population: 375 E-mail: dash@wycokck.org # of HomeWAV units: 9 Wyandotte County Sheriff’s […]

  • I would strongly encourage anyone with a correctional facility and a desire to relieve themselves of headaches to use Homewav to improve the quality of their facility. Homewav has proven to be a solid choice for me and my department. Phone: 636-462-6500 Average Inmate Population: 180 E-mail: jcottle@lcsomo.com # of HomeWAV units: 7 Lincoln County […]



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