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  • How Video Visitation Helps Detention Facilities


    What Are the Risks of In-Person Visitation?

    Corrections is a risky business and one that is often overlooked in discussions about the criminal justice system. Every day is a push-pull struggle to strike a balance between inmate welfare and keeping your officers safe.

    Visitation in particular – a practice known to reduce recidivism and improve inmate behavior – comes at a cost. Visitors can introduce drugs, weapons, and other contraband into the facility. Transferring inmates to and from visitation areas creates opportunity for conflict. Visitation pulls valuable resources from teams that are already stretched too thin.

    So, what can a facility do to lower these costs and risks? One solution that is gaining popularity is Video Visitation.


    What Are the Benefits of Video Visitation?

    More Secure
    Less foot traffic in and out of the facility, less risk of contraband getting in (drugs, weapons, cell phones, luxuries, etc.)

    Uses Less Staff Resources
    Staff shortage is a real problem in corrections, officers previously dedicated to visitation can be reassigned to other areas

    Non-Taxpayer Revenue Source
    A percentage of fees goes to the institution

    Keeps Officers Safer
    Less movement and physical interaction with inmates means less opportunity for something to go wrong


    HomeWAV: A Unique Visitation Solution

    Of course, video visitation isn’t quite a silver bullet. Some systems have been criticized for their cost, quality, and contract terms. But while the debate between those providers, visitors, and facilities drags on, HomeWAV is rising above and offering a better solution. Through patented technology and a commitment to convenience and usability, HomeWAV maintains a singular position in the remote visitation industry.


    See why HomeWAV has a 99% client retention rate →


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