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  • Video Visitation to Reduce Recidivism

    One of the most efficient and effective ways to reduce recidivism amongst inmates is with video visitation. Often times, once an inmate is released the likelihood of them re-offending is fairly high. The Minnesota Department of Corrections found that if family or friends visited the inmate just once that it reduced recidivism by 13% for new crimes and 25% for technical violations.

    It may not seem like much but that’s just one visit. If family and friends could visit the inmates more often that would drastically change those numbers for the better. Enter video visitation.

    With video visitation, family and friends set times with the inmate and the corrections facility and can video chat with the inmate more often. Many times, the inmates are incarcerated pretty far away from family and friends and making the trip to visit them in person can be quite difficult. Not only difficult in just finding time but more difficult for the facility itself too.

    Family and friends would be able to communicate with the inmate via the HomeWAV app or video conferencing on their computer making it much more accessible and likely to speak to the inmate. For the corrections facility, limiting the amount of visitor traffic in the jails helps their security and limits any possible contraband being brought in.

    Some of the key findings from Minnesota Department of Corrections regarding visitation to reduce recidivism:

    • Nearly 40% of all inmates were not visited
    • Visits from siblings, fathers, in-laws and clergy were the most beneficial in reducing recidivism
    • Inmates visited more often were less likely to recidivate
    • Visits closer to the inmate’s release date were found to have a greater impact on reducing recidivism
    • The larger the inmate’s social support system, the lower the risk of recidivism

    All the findings were associated with in-person visits. Utilizing video visitation would allow family and friends to communicate with the inmates much more often further reducing recidivism amongst inmates.

    If you’re a corrections facility interested in having HomeWAV video visitation installed, contact us today.


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