We're bridging the gap between family, friends, and incarcerated loved ones by offering safe, cost-effective, and convenient visitation options.

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Ready to Reach Out?

It all starts by adding funds to a loved one’s HomeWAV account. We offer four simple ways to add credit. After that, it’s as simple as accepting a call.


HomeWAV Website

Sign in and add funds directly through our website.

Add Funds via Website

HomeWAV Mobile App

Download the Android or iOS app, sign in, and add funds with the mobile app.

Add Funds via App

Pay by Phone

Sign in to call our secure toll-free support number and use option one to add funds.

Add Funds via Phone

Pay at PayNearMe® Location

Visit your local PayNearMe® location to add funds.

Find a Location
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Trying to Get Set Up?

Follow the steps to connect with your incarcerated friends and family members.

Step 1

Download the Free App

Receive calls, send messages, schedule visits, add funds, stay connected, and more — all from the HomeWAV app.


Step 2

Create Your Account

Become part of our visitation community in minutes and experience easier inmate visitation right from your own home.

Create an Account

Step 3

Add Funds and Wait

Log into your approved HomeWAV account, have funds available, and wait for your loved one to initiate a call.

How to Receive a Video Call


Connect on the go with HomeWAV’s Mobile App


It’s Easy to Get Connected

With help from a strong Wi-Fi connection, HomeWAV’s secure mobile app and platform help you keep in touch with incarcerated friends and family. Whether you would like to chat from the comfort of your own home or anywhere you’re connected to the internet, HomeWAV makes connecting possible.


We offer a variety of safe, easy-to-use features for fully registered and approved visitors, including:

  • Video and voice calls
  • Direct Scheduling for lobby and on-site visits
  • Email and messaging
  • An easy view of inmate availability and notifications
  • Friendly support experts

Enjoy Seamless Scheduling

Looking to schedule an on-site or lobby visit? HomeWAV’s software allows you to schedule without any assistance from jail staff. Skip the hassle of getting visit approval from the facility, and your loved one can directly approve the visit based on their availability. No prior scheduling is needed for video or phone calls.

First, choose the facility and add your loved one to your call roster. From HomeWAV’s app or online dashboard, you can either view available funds or add and transfer funds. You’re also free to add, update, or change your payment information at any time.

Even better — you’ll only pay for the HomeWAV minutes you use, as there are no plans, packages, or hidden fees. (We highly suggest a strong Wi-Fi connection and a headset for the best results.)

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7 Ways to Prepare for your Upcoming Visitation

If you’re looking to have a remote video call with an incarcerated loved one, how can you get started? Here are seven tips for a seamless experience.


Book an On-Site Visit With a Touch

Say goodbye to complicated sign-ups. With the HomeWAV system, you can book an in-person inmate visitation with just a touch.

Easily create an account and stay connected — no matter where you are.

Get Connected