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  • Rockbridge Regional Jail (VA) Visitations Now Digital!

    Rockbridge Regional Jail (VA) visitations now digital: Jail using HomeWAV to make visitations more convenient, frequent

    LEXINGTON, Va. – The Rockbridge Regional Jail is taking advantage of technology to improve inmate visitations.

    Visitations at the Rockbridge Regional Jail are now done through an app called Homewav on your phone or computer.

    Jail superintendent Col. Derek Almarode said this makes visitations more convenient and allows the inmates to have visits more frequently.

    “I think, when the population has the opportunity and the ability to see their families more frequently, it generates, or it allows, the loved ones, and certainly the inmates, to have a more positive attitude and feel like they’re more connected to their family,” Almarode said.

    The jail still has a few in-person visitation booths that can be used, but only under certain circumstances, Almarode said.

    Watch the video here: Rockbridge Regional Jail Partners with HomeWAV

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  • Video Visitation- Good for inmates, communities, counties

    The Missouri Sheriff Magazine, Written by Nancy Zoellner-Hogland

  • What you need to know about the Jasper County jail communication system

    NEWTON – There’s a new program that’s being installed at the Jasper County jail, but there’s still some confusion surrounding its purpose and how it impacts visitors and inmates.

    According to a spokesman for the jail, the program is called HomeWAV, and it’s being installed “for the convenience of those that wish to visit inmates that are being held in our facility.”

    The new service is “state of the art capabilities for people/family and friends to remain at their residence and not have to drive…to visit someone.”

    HomeWAV can be used from phones, iPads, etc. The service costs 25 cents a minute if an inmate or a visitor chooses to use this feature. If you choose to visit an inmate in person, there will be no charge. Many other prisons and county jails have started using this service with good results, according to Jasper County authorities.

  • You have a visitor- New system allows Jasper County Jail inmate visits online

    Out-of-town visitation visitations at the Jasper County Jail just got a little easier.

    In February or March, the jail expects to install a system from HomeWAV, LLC in cells that will allow inmates to visit family and attorneys electronically.

    This fully digital, 1080p, hi-tech system will allow visitors to call inmates remotely from a phone, tablet or laptop, and will cost $0.25 per minute.

    Wendy Hecox, chief jailer at Jasper County Jail, said the new online system will replace a dated and aging communication system.

    “Our current visitation system was put in when our building was built back in 2005. It was an analog-based system,” Hecox said. “It’s starting to break down because of time. We are upgrading to a HomeWAV system.”

    While this new system will be available for public use, the current method of visitors coming to see inmates will still be allowed. Hecox said one of the main reasons for the new system is to spare visitors the time and gas money required to visit the jail.

    “The remote visitation is $0.25 per minute and the convenience fee of not having to come here. We don’t charge them to come to the jail,” Hecox said. “If you wish to come here every single day, you may do so. For a 30-minute visit (online), I think it works out to $7.50 or something like that.

    “We think that it’s going to be convenient for a lot of people,” Hecox said. “For instance, last week, we had somebody drive all the way over here from Council Bluffs for a 30-minute visit, and then turn around and drive all the way back to Council Bluffs.”

    Interested visitors can start by going to to sign up. Once on the home page, visitors can click “SIGN UP HERE,” which will take you to the page where to fill in basic information, which jail the visitor is looking to visit remotely, payment methods, etc.

    Hecox said it helps jail employees free up their time, since it gives them less to do without all the work of monitoring phone calls throughout the day, as well as set up everything for the visitors to be able to visit. The system is very similar to Skype, and many of the cells will get new monitors installed for that convenience. The system will be able to monitor which calls go where.

    “We have visitation monitors and security monitors, and there’s one in every single cell. There’s a possibility that I could have someone visiting in seven pods all at the same time. The system knows because it’s custom set up for our particular facility, so it knows there’s only one visitation unit in each pod. It won’t schedule two people in a pod at the same time,” she said.

    Earlier in January, Jasper County signed the contract for the system and mailed the paperwork to HomeWAV, LLC last Friday.

    From there, the next step is installation, which jail employees have already pulled the wires from the old system out of everywhere from within the jail. When HomeWAV is ready, they will come to the jail for up to three days and install the new monitors and get the security boxes required for the system up and running. Training for the staff will follow as well as training for the inmates on how they will be able to communicate with visitors.

    Hecox is optimistic that this new $12,000 system — which will be paid for with the money made through the new system over the next 3.5 years — will be beneficial for inmates.

    “I just think that it will be a great system. It will allow more contact for the inmates with their family, which is always good.” Hecox said. “Anything that keeps people calm, because being in jail is hard enough.”

    Contact Orrin Shawl at 641-792-3121 or at

  • Mississippi Co. sees drop in inmate incidents, enhances safety with new equipment

    CHARLESTON, MO (KFVS) – Mississippi County jail officials installed some new equipment in the jail to help with the safety of inmates and to help connect them with family easier.

    They installed them roughly a year ago and said it’s working better for everyone.

    They upgraded several features including cameras, visitation services and their control center.

    One of their upgrades is visitation for the inmates called HomeWAV. HomeWAV provides video visitation, educational software and form processing, traditional voice calls and text messages.

    This service is initiated by inmates with wall mounted kiosks that are accessible for the inmates in their jail pods.

    Mississippi County Sheriff’s Office Captain Barry Morgan said the reason they decided to go with this new kiosk HomeWAV system is to digitize grievances, medical requests, ordering commissary for the inmates and more.

    Morgan also stated this has helped reduce inmate stress in being able to see their family more frequent with video visitations at any time during the day.

  • Why Video Visitation Is Good for Inmates

    When looking at video visitation technology, it can be easy for detention facilities to focus on organizational benefits like cutting costs, reducing staff burden, and increasing security. As enticing as they are, these benefits only tell part of the story of why video visitation is such a game-changer. The rest of the story is told on the other side of the fence. It’s about the positive effect visitation (and video visitation in particular) can have on inmates.


           •  Visiting keeps inmates connected with positive influences and motivations.
           •  Visiting improves morale and reminds the inmate that someone cares about them.
           •  Visiting allows inmates to stay in contact with their legal counsel and health professionals.
           •  Visiting provides time to start planning for what they will do after their sentence is up.


    That last one is especially important because it relates to an even more substantial benefit, one that is arguably the main point of corrections in the first place: to rehabilitate inmates into law-abiding members of society. Visitation has been shown to reduce the likelihood that an inmate will return to jail once they are released. A four-year study completed by the Minnesota Department of Corrections in 2011 concluded that inmate visitation resulted in reductions in recidivism; a 13% reduction for a felony re-conviction and a 25% reduction for re-incarceration for a technical violation revocation.


    An incarcerated individual who gets one visit in prison is 13% less likely commit a crime after they’re released.


    Sometimes, though, in-person visits are hard to manage. For visitors, it might be distance or physical limitations, lack of time, or even fear of bringing children into the correctional environment or feeling unsafe themselves. For facilities, bottom-line concerns like cost and security risks can be prohibitive.


    Video visitation technology helps facilities and inmates reap the positive benefits of visitation while lowering those barriers. Inmates still get face-to-face interaction with friends, loved ones, and legal/health professionals. Facilities spend less time and money while also improving security. Video is an ideal solution to everyone’s visitation needs.


    The HomeWAV video visitation system goes even further by including features that make video visits even easier on everyone involved.


    Learn about the HomeWAV difference.

  • Video Visitation Attorney Visits for Inmates

    An attorney’s time is precious, so if they’re able to speak to their client from the convenience of their office and not have to physically go to the jail, it would be a great thing. With video visitation, attorneys can do just that. At HomeWAV, we made it simple for attorneys and inmates to schedule their meeting online and all sessions are recorded and came be used in the court room.

    With video visitation, it cuts down the need for correctional officers and administrative staff to assist which frees them up for other responsibilities. No jail staff is needed to transfer the inmate to a visitation room and no jail staff is needed to search the attorney when entering the facility since this is a video visitation.

    Many times, an inmate may be moved to another facility making it a long drive for the attorney to meet up and discuss their case together. Video visitation makes this much easier for both parties.

    If your correctional facility is interested in a cost effective solution for visitation that produces revenue on day one, contact us at HomeWav today.

  • Increasing Numbers of Incarcerated

    Sometimes being the leader in something is not always a good thing. As is the case with the United States being the world’s leader in incarceration. There are over 2.2 million people in our nation’s prisons and jails. Over the last 40 years, this is a staggering increase of 500%.


  • How to expand your visitation hours

    The chaos of visitation time is a security risk for staff and visiting family and friends. In some more populated facilities, long lines make for an unpleasant experience for visitors. For many correctional facilities expanding visitation times are just not an option as those need to be closely controlled by staff and it’s best to limit those as much as possible. (more…)

  • Contraband Solution in Jails

    As a correctional facility, what steps do you take in order to make sure contraband doesn’t enter the facility?  Do you do a thorough pat down of visitors? Have x-ray scanners or metal detectors? Those are good first steps but what if you could eliminate contraband from getting in the hands of inmates completely? (more…)



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