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  • Correctional Facility Inmate Transportation

    For many correctional facilities, transporting inmates out of their cell to visitation areas can be a non-stop task. It can also be a great labor expense in terms of hours and cost. While it’s great that families and friends visit the inmate from time to time, the risk and cost of moving the inmate from their cell to the visitation area can add up quickly. (more…)

  • Video Visitation to Reduce Recidivism

    One of the most efficient and effective ways to reduce recidivism amongst inmates is with video visitation. Often times, once an inmate is released the likelihood of them re-offending is fairly high. The Minnesota Department of Corrections found that if family or friends visited the inmate just once that it reduced recidivism by 13% for new crimes and 25% for technical violations.


  • Mayes County Jail Visitation Going High-Tech With New Video Monitors

    NEWS ON 6

    MAYES COUNTY, Oklahoma – Visiting a prisoner at the Mayes County jail will soon be a high-tech experience. Through a partnership with its telephone company, the sheriff could get video equipment installed for free.

    Right now it takes about two officers off the floor to run jail visitation, but once the monitors are fully operational, the officers will be free, therefore, making it safer for inmates and their families.

    Technology has a way of connecting people wherever they are, and a special kind of video technology will soon connect Mayes County jail inmates to the outside world.


  • Jail video visits get positive feedback

    DANVILLE — Set up similar to Skype, inmates at the Hendricks County Jail now use video visitation to communicate with their loved ones.

    At a recent county commissioners’ meeting, Sheriff Brett Clark demonstrated the system to the commissioners by using a jail employee to call into the government center so they could see the program live.

    The jail has had a video visitation system for some years, Clark said, but at the end of 2015, they switched to HomeWav, a site for web access visitation for correctional facilities.

    “That system started failing and the contract was up so we started looking around to some different options,” he said. “It’s a lot more modern, like Facetime or Skype is what people would be most familiar with. It has really been a good thing for us.”

    The HomeWav system was implemented in December 2015. So far this year, more than 5,100 calls have been made using it. The month of April alone had around 900. January, the first full month of service, had nearly 950 calls.


  • Video visitation

    by Jason Pederson

    LONOKE (KATV) — Technology has changed many of the things we do, and it’s starting to change the way people in jail stay in touch with friends and family.

    Tonight we have a look at the pros…and cons…of video visitation.

    Other than getting out, visitation is the one thing that jail inmates look forward to the most.

    And in some jails, the face of visitation is changing.

    Shawn Sutton’s sister is in jail. So is Brandy Goodman’s brother.

    From now on if they want to visit with their locked up loved ones, they are going to need a credit card.

    “If you don’t have a credit card for fifty cents a minute or the Internet…what are we supposed to do?” asks Sutton. “Just not see ’em? I mean that’s just not right.”

  • Warren County Jail latest to add online video visitation

    by Ann Thompson

    Homewav visitation system

    Visiting an inmate at the Warren County Jail is now as easy as logging onto your computer.

    The Sheriff’s Department has contracted with the HomeWAV system to begin online inmate video visitation. “Video visitation is the wave of the future for correctional facilities,” Sheriff Larry Sims said, “and Warren County is proud to offer it.”

    Montgomery County already uses HomeWAV and Campbell County does the same thing with another system.

    The new Warren County system expands visitation. Inmates are now available from 8:30 a.m. to 10:30 p.m. on Monday through Friday, and 2 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday.

  • See how Microsoft’s Surface tablet is used as a high-tech visitation system by jail inmates

    by @ronwinbeta

    Homewav visitation system

    Microsoft’s Surface tablets are used on NFL sidelines, but that’s not the only place. Microsoft’s Surface tablets are not only used on NFL sidelines, but also in jail too. Yes, your eyes are not deceiving you. As part of HomeWAV’s unique visitation system that utilizes Internet-based video calling using a Surface tablet, inmates in jail facilities that utilize the high-tech visitation system can enjoy a more personal phone call with family members.

    Likely using a Surface Pro 1 or Surface Pro 2, this visitation system features a custom application that allows inmates to make video calls to family members. First spotted by our friends at Neowin, a Surface tablet is mounted inside a large box secured to the wall. Inmates can then call their family members, after the family members have deposited money into the HomeWAV account.

  • New video visitation program gives inmates a way to connect with love ones from the outside
    by Paige Hill

    At no cost to taxpayers, the Logan County jail is revolutionizing inmate visitation with technology.

    According to deputies the difference in morale and attitudes of notoriously trouble making inmates could be night and day.

    Usually inmates get a short five minutes in person of visitation once a week. Even correctional officers say that’s not enough time.

    With this new system deputies think these inmates get to see what the crime they’ve committed is making them miss at home.

  • Wyandotte County Jail visitation gets high-tech twist

    by Peggy Breit

    A new system for inmate visits and phone calls at the Wyandotte County Jail is increasing security, improving morale and it’s not costing taxpayers anything.

    The new smartphone hookup called HomeWAV launched in early June. It allows inmates and families to have face-to-face connections without having to schedule visits.

    Inmate Elliot London said it’s already a hit.

    “It’s a good way to stay connected from home,” he said.

    It’s also better for the detention center. Deputies still monitor conversations and can stop a call with the push of a button. Now, inmates can make calls out any time of the day or night.

  • Sheriff’s Office debuts new inmate video visitation program

    Guthrie News Page
    by Chris Evans

    The Logan County’s Sheriff’s Office launched a new inmate video visitation program on Wednesday. Authorities believe the system will improve prisoner morale and will be an incentive for good behavior.

    Inmate VideoThe new HomeWAV system will allow family members and friends to schedule and conduct video visits with jail inmates using any suitable computer connected to the internet. The setup is similar to Skype and Face Time.

    The new visitation system will be available 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. seven days a week.

    The Sheriff’s Office installed eight visitation stations – consisting of a telephone handset, keypad, webcam, PC and video monitor – in day rooms for the inmates. The new visitation system gives the jail complete control of visits at all times with live monitoring, recording of all calls and database access to visitation records.



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