Detention Facilities

Service & Support

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    As a partner, HomeWAV provides 5-Star service and support for the life of the agreement at NO COST. HomeWAV will provide a dedicated account representative specific to your facility.
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    HomeWAV offers 1-on-1 support 24/7/365. Our remote capabilities allow us to satisfy 99% of your system needs immediately from our home office. We utilize local technicians for installation and any on-site maintenance to ensure the quickest response time.
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    HomeWAV is committed to being the technology leader in inmate visitation. Our dedicated team conducts continuous product research and development. As a result, we offer FREE system upgrades and regularly provide new product notifications.
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    HomeWAV begins training your staff prior to installation and offers continued education throughout the length of our partnership. We are also able to provide 24/7 access to tutorial videos on the administrative features of our system.
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    All payments will be done by trusted third party payment processor. That means HomeWA will not store any CC information locally.
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    HomeWAV allows for easy retrieval and download of previous video visits for your administrative and investigative needs. The HomeWAV system operates on a 100% hosted “cloud” based system with dual secure servers located in different geographical locations within the United States. By using cloud based applications and off-site storage, the opportunity for failure of the system in a facility is greatly reduced.


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